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Seed. Dream. New Beginning. Inner Vision. Faith. Trust. Intuition.

FIRST, you'll want to mark these dates on your calendar, or set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you of the 8 times you need to return here to the VIRGO forum. I will be po...

MoonCoaching™ Key Words, Themes & Moon Phase Dates

for the LEO/AQUARIUS Lunar Moonth, 2019

First, I'd like to invite you to join me on the Leo Lunar Journey, consciously navigating the lunar moonth and the energies of this cycle in your OWN LIFE, in a creative manner. E...

Of all the 12 Astrological signs, and therefore of the 12 Lunar Journeys (lunar cycles), SAGITTARIUS is the ONE that most clearly asks us to FOCUS ON YOUR MOST IMPORTANT GOAL with GREAT ENTHUSIASM! So I invite you to consider an Intention that includes honoring a deep...

This moonth's energetic invitation will complete the energies of the Cancerian New phase as it reaches its Fullness in the polarity of Aquarius/Leo, so we will in effect be working with the vibrational field of Soul (New Moon in Cancer) revealing the Light of Spiri...

It's time to clear the mental atmosphere as we work with the qualities of AIR, symbol of the Mind, Thoughts, Communication, Community and Processing Information. GEMINI, the Cosmic Twins and the 3rd of the 12 astrological signs, is the Mercurial Trickster who invites u...

OUR FOCUS for this Lunar Journey is diving into the REAL NEW YEAR, beginning with the 1st Lunar Moonth of the

2018-2019 Astro-Lunar Year, which will be Aries on 4/15/2018, will be as follows:


Dive into the new astro-lunar year with total trust a...

Each Major Arcana card is an Initiatory Portal, through which you deepen your relationship with your True Self, as a Journeyer on the Royal Road (Life). I combined this with my #1 program, Moon~Coaching™, creating pro-actively with the movement of the Moon through the...

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Leo New Moonth: July 31 thru August 30, 2019

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