Starman Tarot: LIMITED EDITION (1500 Only for the USA) + Bag



I'm taking preorders for the next big Tarot deck....drum roll please! If you are a Bowie fan, you've got to see this! I'm securing a limited amount of copies of the upcoming Starman Tarot Kit - Limited Edition (1500 copies in USA). This deck is going to be AMAZING!! Inspired by David Bowie himself, with Davide DeAngelis as the creator.


This Limited Edition (see picture for full details) has larger size cards + other goodies (vs standard boxed edition, which I will not be offering). I'm only going to get copies of the Limited Edition, since this is the one that is harder to secure (standard you can get through the usual online sellers). This one will likely quickly go OOP as did the Limited Edition Santa Muerte Tarot.


Per the publisher: 
In 1995, David Bowie and Davide De Angelis began collaborating on a highly innovative and visually spectacular tarot deck. Bowie himself helped design the look and iconographic elements of the cards, providing notes and revisions before his untimely death. Expertly woven into their work are a myriad of references to Bowie's lyrics, intricate sacred geometries, alchemy, magic, and the sacred teachings of the world's mystery traditions.



Special Limited and Numbered Edition (1500 copies in the US)

Special Features Exclusive to the Limited Edition:

*A unique, luxurious, cube-shaped box, opening like a treasure chest
*Larger cards (3.3 x 6.3) with gilded edges
*48-page, 6 x 6 art book with metallic paper
*Hard cover, full-color, 192-page companion book with gilded edges
*Numbered certification card
*One additional art card
*$100.00 retail
*Coming in October 2018


TOTAL: $114 for the following -

  • Limited Edition Starman Tarot: $ 100.00
  • Starman Matching Bag: $14.00 (if you prefer ONLY the Deck/Kit, please deduct $14 from the total, or ask me for a revised invoice without the bag)


  • + USPS Priority Shipping ADDITIONAL (to be added at invoicing)

NOTE: Shipping address must match your Paypal address. USA ONLY! (My apologies to international friends, but shipping costs/tracking make it unfeasable for my small business. The LE kit will be available via sellers internationally, so please check & SUPPORT your local small business booksellers. NO REFUNDS).



Description from the Artist site: 
"Starmen Travelling Through Time -

Journeying through innumerable transformations, the project somehow stayed potententalised across the years; building, evolving and vast in scope. And yet with all the strange twists and turns of life it seemed impossible to realise. Then upon Bowie’s death in January 2016, Davide De Angelis was compelled by a series of powerful dreams to complete the project and finally bring the Starman Tarot to life for the world to experience. Starman Tarot is a highly innovative and dynamic rendition – evolution - of the ancient Tarot System. Inspiration for the deck and its accompanying book evolved out of the potent visual vocabulary that De Angelis and Bowie created for albums such as Outside and Earthling. Through powerful archetypes and mesmerising dreamscapes‍‍‍ - the deck speaks powerfully and directly about the turbulent times we are currently facing, and ‍‍‍opens a portal to a vivid and miraculous future. It gives all who use it access to a vital form of creative expression, revealed wisdom and guidance. Just like Bowie himself, Starman Tarot is a living, shape-shifting system to be explored for countless generations."

  • PREORDER ONLY (not yet in stock)

    PRE-ORDER: Please note that per the publishers in Italy, this is EXPECTED October 2018. My disclaimer is that I will ship as soon as I receive the kits into Georgia, USA.


    If there is a delay with the publisher (Lo Scarabeo), I will notify you right away. Refunds will be honored ONLY in the event that the publisher (Lo Scarabeo) does not fulfill their end, which is HIGHLY unlikely. I am preordering only the amount of deck kits for which I receive orders, because I LOVE this amazing Art and wanted to offer it to my Tarot loving friends, so this sale is a courtesy to fellow Tarot lovers. So my 'disclaimer' on refunds is based on the above. 


    I will ship ONLY in the USA, and only to the address that is shown on your Paypal account. 


    Shipping option is simple: In the Continental USA, I use USPS Priority FLAT RATE Boxes, so it's all 1 price for everyone. 


    I pack very carefully, with extra padding, to ensure the safety of the product. Rest assured, as an experienced seller, I know what makes my clients happy to open up their packages. All shipments with Priority take 2-3 days based on USPS, and include tracking.


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