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Happy Gemini New Moon!!

It's time to clear the mental atmosphere as we work with the qualities of AIR, symbol of the Mind, Thoughts, Communication, Community and Processing Information. GEMINI, the Cosmic Twins and the 3rd of the 12 astrological signs, is the Mercurial Trickster who invites us to ponder on the energy of the Words we speak, the Thoughts we think and the Images we project into our World. It's time to be conscious of our Self-Talk Cycle and make any necessary shifts to the information we are processing! Yes, this Lunar Moonth calls us to step into full personal integrity regarding our WORD and how our personal & collective Thoughts are constantly creating within the Universal MIND, since it is connected with MERCURY/HERMES - God of Air, Mind, Communication - bringer of Mathematics, Astrology, and Language. Our 'reality' is based on our perceptions, which are formed of the beliefs we have created out of thoughts blended with emotions. So, if you are not thrilled about your 'World' this is a great moonth to check in on your Perceptions!

This lunar moonth is about considering how our Thoughts are supporting (or denying) our Creative Vision - as well as putting the "Word" out into our community, so that we may further express our Spirit and Soul's Intentions. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world by virtue of your Thoughts? Remember: This is an AIR sign, and once you put something out, the Winds carry it forth into the World at large. Therefore, it is imperative that we consider what we are adding to an already deeply confused and chaotic atmosphere. The internet has become both our most important ally, as well as a dangerous tool for misinformation. Consider the information you share - does it help to awaken, catalyze and shift the current consensus reality? It's important to disseminate not just the 'news' but also solutions to the issues that currently plague Humanity and the Earth. It's also important to ask ourselves just how much we are likewise taking into our own Consciousness - is it helping or hurting us? What are we doing with the information we receive? Let's clear our Minds and become more aware of what's floating in there!

It's also about BREATHE and HEALING and LAUGHTER! So, do you hold your breath in fear or anxiety? Be aware of your breathing patterns - please breathe deeply and consciously - allow the Air to move through your lungs and consciously send healing energy to your every cell. Go out and see some funny movies or a comedy show! Have you ever noticed just how much Air you actually take in when you are laughing heartily? That's a good and healing thing! Participate in yoga or breathwork - get those lungs working (Gemini rules the lungs and breathing in the body).

If you are considering writing a book or teaching a class or attending an educational event, this is the perfect time to do it. Mercury (Hermes Trismegestus or Thoth) rules over this Lunar Moonth, so anything that has to do with furthering your education or disseminating information, is highlighted. (Happy to have you join one of my classes in Canton, Georgia!)

Also, COMMUNITY is an important part of this archetype, so consider how you might become more actively involved in your neighborhood or local community. It's all about sharing the Air (thoughts, ideas, information) with others. And of course SIBLINGS are in this picture, so talk to your brothers and sisters - go out to see a movie and just laugh together.

And finally, consider if your MIND has become your Master - if so, then reconsider that perhaps it's time to put your Soul & Spirit in first place...the Mind is to be used as a Tool in the Work of the Soul. Even though this is the month to connect with the Mind, it's still good to make sure it knows Who's Really In Charge (the Divine Spirit). More scientific discoveries are being made about how our Brain and Consciousness works...dispelling old notions about how we process information, and about the nature of what we call 'reality.' You can in fact literally 'change your mind' if you so will it, and work Spirit into the equation.

FOR BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURS: In addition to all the above, also consider this New Moon invites us focus on how our branding, website, and marketing can better COMMUNICATE OUR IDEAS & DEVELOP COMMUNITY. GEMINI teaches all of us to gather relevant information/data that supports our goals, and share with others in a mutually supportive manner. This is the prime time of the year for calling in our allies to further our goals, by brainstorming and seeding our ideas into the collective, via all possible channels of communication (internet, books, classes, newsletters, and good old fashioned word of mouth networking! Cast your seed into the collective net!

Regardless of what your Sun or Moon Sign might be, this Gemini New Moon, sign of communication, information, education, conscious mind, thinking patterns, communication skills, processing of information, books, neighbors, siblings and your immediate environment, is perfect for beginning any of the following activities, within the Gemini area of your own chart (if you choose to work with your Astrology blueprint):

  • Take a new class! Perfect timing for refresher courses in ’left brain’ studies, a writing course or a new hobby! Or take a class where you use your hands and manual dexterity.

  • TEACH! Share your knowledge within your local community, by GIVING A CLASS—be the Teacher! This is one of the most powerful ways to disseminate info and share your knowledge with your community!

  • Communicate with your siblings or with people who have had an impact in your early education.

  • Get to know your local area-plan a trip to neighboring towns-meet new people and see new places within your general vicinity. Or organize a community meeting to share ideas.

  • NETWORK! Share you Dream/Intention with the RIGHT people!

  • Get involved in your community to make a difference.

  • Have you been planning on writing a book? Newsletter? Perfect! Start it now! Write—write-write!

  • Healing work, especially via Yoga & Breathwork….also journaling about your early childhood to ‘clear the air’ of old educational programming & of negative early childhood education.

  • Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication. Where is Mercury in your chart? Get to know your preferred mode of communication and your learning style!

Keep in mind this New Moon will culminate in 2 weeks at the Full Moon across the Capricorn/Cancer axis, so the Seeds you plant into Universal Consciousness now, will bring you insight, illumination and revelation regarding Capricorn/Cancer themes which are Business/Career and Home/Family, and the very structure of our Lives.

For those of you that are working with the Moon and the Tarot (or Oracle cards), be sure to pull at least 1 card for your energy focus this moonth (during the New Moon portal). Alternately, you can pull 2 cards (1 each for the new & full moon), or 4 cards (new, 1st quarter, full and last quarter), or 8 cards for a full Moon~Coaching™ Lunar Moon spread (New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter and Balsamic phases).

Or for more in-depth interaction that is fun, insightful, powerful and transformational, and doesn't cost the proverbial arm & leg, You can join me in the online group guided Moon~Coaching™ Gemini Moon/Tarot Lunar Journey here:

ALTERNATELY, you can schedule a time for a private Moon~Coaching™ session (with or without Tarot), with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro. Please send me an email via the website. Rates vary, based on a sliding-fee scale, depending on the complexity and timing of your session. Be sure to sign up for the Moon~Coaching™ Gemini New Moon Webinar, with Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. It will be on FRIDAY, June 15 at 7:00 pm EDT (Sliding fee scale $28-$55, must pre-register via PAYPAL using Silvia will not only present the energy for everyOne to connect with and focus on throughout this lunar moonth, but will also look at every participant's astrological chart to help you pinpoint your individual focus based on the New Moon's positioning according to your Soul's Blueprint. To pre-pay/register no later than 3pm Friday, 6/15), go to:

And above all, this is one of the most playful and light-filled of all the lunar moonths...soooooo just HAVE FUN! Laugh and fly and dance and play an innocent prank on a friend who needs the tickle!

I wish you all a fabulous Gemini Lunar Journey!

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

MoonCoaching™ International

All material written by Silvia Pancaro and is Copyright 2000-2018 MoonCoaching™ International LLC.

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