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Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse: July 12, 2018

This is a powerful Solar Eclipse, so it's perfect for Timing goals that relate to Family, Security, Home and Emotional Containment as well as Real Estate & Roots. It culminates as a Lunar Eclipse in 2 weeks at the Aquarius/Leo Full Moon, which further amplifies the power inherent in this particular Lunar Cycle, and adds the qualities of Independence, Freedom and Individuality to this Moonth's energetic opportunities.

Consider how you may need to 'mother' yourself...regardless of how you were parented...and nourish yourSelf in the ways that create a sense of emotional well-being and security. This is the moonth to prepare your body/mind/heart/soul to birth yourself in a new form, so clearing up your emotional body is a must...connecting to your Inner Child and creating a container of safety for this part of your Consciousness is very it will allow for the birth of the Inner Cosmic Child to happen next moonth during the Leo Lunar Journey in a manner that is joyful, ecstatic and blissful, celebrating the brilliance of you. So, use this moonth's watery and soul-full Cancerian energies to hold you lovingly as you do the necessary clearing, healing and blessing work. Continue reading below for more details....


New Moon 7/12/18 @ 21st degree of Cancer is supercharged as it is a Solar Eclipse.

The entire moonth is powerfully energized as this cycle will culminate in

2 weeks at the Aquarius/Leo Full Moon which is a Lunar Eclipse.


This Lunar Moonth, where we are collectively invited to get much needed emotional healing & support with the qualities of Water, honor our connections with The Great Mother, and deepen our understanding of our emotional needs, so that we may become Whole and Clear Vessels for the Divine to work through us in the healing (whole-making) of our Planet.

We'll do this through the astrological sign of Cancer, the 4th of the 12 - the gentle Cosmic Crab (or Scarab Beetle to the Ancient Egyptians), who assists us with moving into the depths of our Soul, recognizing our genetic-familiar-and psychological ROOTS, which form the foundation of our personal & collective TREE OF LIFE. Yes, this Lunar Moonth is an invitation to dive deeply into the Cosmic Womb, to re-member that beyond the flesh and blood and bones of our physical human bodies, we are truly all One, swimming in the amniotic fluids of The Great Mother. Surrender and melt into Her Loving Embrace...

This lunar cycle is about allowing our personalities, egos and exhausted minds to be lovingly soothed and healed of all the pain and anxiety that may have been plaguing us...especially since we've co-created so much disharmony externalized as global chaos, we MUST come to a place of emotional healing - and forgiving all our "Inner Antagonists," our personal/collective Shadows and pull back all the 'projections' of our mind, so that we can together create a healing in the Waters of the Earth Mother, as extensions of our own Emotions & Soul contents. This is when we need to step up to the plate and show up for each other and for our 'Reality.'

This moonth's energetic invitation will complete the energies of the Cancerian New phase as it reaches its Fullness in the polarity of Aquarius/Leo, so we will in effect be working with the vibrational field of Soul (New Moon in Cancer) revealing the Light of Spirit (Sun position at Full Moon in Leo) celebrating Universal Humanity in Love (Moon position at Full phase in Aquarius). Be aware that this field extends from the personal to the transpersonal and interpersonal...we are all part of the One World Soul, and we can greatly participate in the creation of A New Dream, by being Centered in, Aligned with and Aware of our Soul. Please 'show up' for your Self, and for the Good of All.

The realization is that aside from our 'blood' Family, we are part of a greater one, that of the Collective Family on Gaia....and we can find Soul-ful ways of supporting others in our 'Soul-pod' as well as being comfortable enough to ask for support when we feel we need it. And we WILL NEED SUPPORT as we venture into the cycle of Eclipses and planetary retrogrades over these next couple of moonths.

The 4th New Moon of the 2018-19 Zodiacal Year asks us to consider:

  • How you nurture yourself?

  • How do you 'mother' yourself?

  • What do you need in order to feel loved-safe-cared for?

  • What does Mother & Family mean to YOU?

  • What is the nature of your connection to The Great Mother?


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PICTURE CREDITS: Unfortunately, these do not have the names of the amazing Artists who have created the images which you see above (with the exception of Joanna's Gaian Tarot, which is linked in the picture). If you recognize any, please message me so I can add it to the blog. Thank you for helping me ID these!

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