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Sagittarius Lunar Journey: December 7, 2018 thru January 5, 2019

Of all the 12 Astrological signs, and therefore of the 12 Lunar Journeys (lunar cycles), SAGITTARIUS is the ONE that most clearly asks us to FOCUS ON YOUR MOST IMPORTANT GOAL with GREAT ENTHUSIASM! So I invite you to consider an Intention that includes honoring a deep soulful VISION that stirs your Courage and Passion to MOVE IT FORWARD, in some manner. It could be a project that is special to you, or it could be actually going on a personal VISION QUEST, or perhaps simply to CONNECT WITH THE DIVINE asking IT to INSPIRE YOU to reach for BIG THINGS! But the idea is to EXPRESS this juicy energy in some manner, during this moon's activities. Whatever you decide to work with this cycle, remember that this energy is the epitome of the saying WHAT YOU FOCUS ON, EXPANDS! So, think BIG and let the Spirit move you beyond your current 'box' so that your CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDS. This post will help you 'tune in' to the Vibe of SAGITTARIUS (nope, you don't have to be a SAGITTARIUS to work/play with this energy...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!). And then be sure to also go to the section where I have posted your own astrological charts since there will be additional key words that are SPECIFIC TO YOU that you'll want to include in crafting your Intention for co-creating with Moon, Sun, Zodiac & Tarot! EnJoy the SAGITTARIUS Lunar Journey!


How far can you go beyond your current reality?

Where you dream of going next?

Literally on the world map, or metaphorically at an energetic or creative level?


An important key word is ENTHUSIASM! This word has its etymological root from the Greek enthousiasmos , meaning 'be inspired or possessed by a god, be rapt, be in ecstasy.' So, to be enthusiastic is literally to be moved by THE DIVINE! So I encourage you to really connect with some BIG GOAL in your Life that brings the Spirit of the Divine in and through you...that you feel literally ecstatically possessed by God! And go for it BIG TIME!

Can you get this joyfully enthused by your goal????!!!


It's Time to grow beyond your current comfort zone! SAGITTARIUS and JUPITER as its planetary ruler (our Guide this Moonth) ask us to step FORWARD into a greater territory than our present spot in 'Time and Space.' Like the Celestial Archer, we are invited to TRAVEL with great enthusiasm and excitement to new places that dare us to move & grow. This could be a literal trip to a foreign country, or it could be moving within your Mind by studying something that stretches you, or perhaps expanding your Consciousness by diving deeply into a spiritual Quest! The idea this moonth, is to feel ALIVE with Divine Inspiration, and allow that Energy to move thru you, or rather to directly move you into a greater, expanded sense of Self.

You have the World (figuratively & metaphorically) in your hands...what actions can you take this lunar moonth that stretches you far from your current limits?


These are the energies that are available to us all (even if you are not a Sun Sign Sagittarius), during this lunar moonth. So, the idea is to co-create with Nature and Cosmos, by plugging into the energy at an organic level. The more you do this throughout the entire year, moonth to moonth, the more in-tune you will become with Sacred Timing, and this will pay off hugely in your Life! Over Time, you'll notice that Life seems to 'flow' easier, more gracefully...rather than feeling like you are 'kicking against the pricks', you will notice that you are truly synchronized with the Great Creative Power of the Universe. You'll notice you struggle less, and that you are more intuitively aware of the energy flow in your everyday experience. This is something that is developed over Time - so commit to this process for YOUR own well being...and note that this SAGITTARIUS cycle is one of the very best Times to express your relationship with the Divine as you continue to consciously co-create with the Flowing of Sacred Time!


So, take a look at these SAGITTARIUS key words/themes, and synchronize your Intention for the cycle with this energy. Look at the images as well as at the that you are engaging both your rational/logic/left brain AND your creative/intuitive/right brain. You'll be creating new neural pathways in your brain, which will serve to bring greater balance & harmony in the way you function. This applies to ALL Lunar Journeys, as I said, you'll be developing this new ability over the course of Time. So stick with it, and keep on unifying the 2 aspects of your Consciousness (Yin/Lunar/Feminine/SubConsciousness + Yang/Solar/Masculine/Consciousness), ultimately living via your Higher Divine Consciousness.



Are you adding good cheer & optimism into the collective?

Are you letting any collective vibes that are less than positive affect you?






Vision Quest, Higher Mind, Enthusiasm, Fiery Joy, Optimism, Beliefs, Teaching, Higher Education, Expanding Your Comfort Zone, Stretching YourSelf, Opening to Divine Wisdom, Sharing One's Wisdom, Sports and Physical Movement, Direction & Purpose, The Wheel of Fortune, Expansion of Consciousness, Travel, Culture & International Affairs, Exploring Greater Territory, Curiosity About Other Ways of Being, Moving Forward. Freedom. Truth. Guru/Teacher. Trust. Openness. Leap of Faith. Question Everything. DANCE! And everything you can imagine beyond your current Comfort Zone!


(This planet rules SAGITTARIUS, and is our GUIDE during this cycle):

Expansion. Abundance. Gifts & Blessings. Wisdom. Higher Mind. Moving Beyond Limits.

Joie de Vivre. Desire to Grow. Seeing the Bright Side. Wanting to Understand. Gratitude.

The Search for Meaning. Determining a Higher Truth. Common Ground. Divine Justice.

Answering the CALL to Journey Onwards, much like Joseph Campbell's HERO'S JOURNEY.

In a nutshell, our DIRECTION is the focus of our SAGITTARIUS Lunar Journey - being true to ourselves and opening up to the greatest exploration possible: To UNDERSTAND YOURSELF within the BIGGER SCHEME OF THINGS! Ask yourself: How far can I go in my Life at this Time? What is my place, my role in this World? What is my ultimate TRUTH? What brings me into Higher States of Consciousness? What am I truly searching for? Proceed with full passion towards the pursuit of the most authentic Answer to those Quest~Ions. BE GRATEFUL! BE OPTIMISTIC! BE JOYFUL!


MoonCoaching™ Questions to Ponder

from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro


December 7, 2018 thru January 5, 2018:

*What is my overall energetic vibration?

*Am I an Optimist?

*Am I on the Happy/High Road?

*If not, what will I do to shift into a new and more life affirming perspective?

*What chunk of Wisdom can I share with Humanity?

*How can I help expand Consciousness on Earth?

*What have I come to teach?

You can actually turn any one of these questions into a statement, and make it your Intention for the moonth! For example, if you've not been feeling very enthusiastic about life in general, make that your Intention: This moonth, I explore the ways in which I can raise my overall energetic vibration! Or if you've been wallowing in the self pity and being down on yourself, you can turn the 2nd question into your Intention: I am vibrantly focused on being an Optimist, and I choose to recognize the blessings in my life! You get the idea, right?


The Month of SAGITTARIUS is presided over by JUPITER, who invites us to consider the breadth and depth of our Consciousness...just how far can you expand your awareness of Life, and the interconnectivity between ALL life forms, on Earth and beyond? What can you do to help others realize there are no 'borders' that can separate us from each other, because deep inside, we are connected via Divine Gene Codes that are ready to be catalyzed into re-member-dance? Jupiter's rulership over long-distance travel is driven by the desire to find common ground between cultures, beliefs, ideologies, species...we can do that in our own lives, too. We can find ways to bridge differences through curiosity & appreciation!

The planet JUPITER is the LARGEST in our Solar System, and it represents BIG things, therefore it encourages this moonth to go big on whatever we are working on! It is referred to as the 'Santa Clause of the Zodiac' because it brings BLESSINGS & GIFTS, so look around you to notice how these show up in your Life! The tool to call upon during these next 30 days is GRATITUDE, because we often take for granted all the ABUNDANCE we already have in our day-to-day starting up a GRATITUDE JOURNAL is a key idea for this Moon~Coaching™ Lunar Journey! A great one that I recommend is created by Vismaya Rubin of , available here:

Truly one of the highest vibes we can experience is gratitude, counting our blessings, focusing on the good, and choosing to be a force for that good in the world. All this, we learn from Jupiter, as we open our minds and hearts to the greater possibilities that exist beyond our old, familiar comfort zone. So, if you do nothing other than just focus on being grateful during this astrological/lunar cycle, you'll have laid a powerful foundation for more Jupiterian Blessings (or as I like to call them, BLISSings!!) to be drawn into your Life experience beyond the next 30 days.

Spend all moonth long saying

'thank you' for all the Blissings!


This Lunation is about amping up our volume, showing up with passion, and blasting past our old familiar comfort zone. Get out of the box! This moonth, QUESTION EVERYTHING, and do not negotiate with old and outworld beliefs that restrict your full-life-force energy! In the search for personal and collective meaning, we discover much about our common ground. In that same search, we uncover deeper wisdom than would otherwise be available to us within the limited, local sphere. Traveling abroad affords us the opportunity to interact with other people in their own 'worlds' and thereby creating bridges that heal and bring understanding. In today's 'virtual' world, we don't always have to hop on a plane to go overseas...reach out to friends (Facebook, Instagram, etc) from other cultures and mindsets. LEARN & TEACH!

This lunar cycle we focus on our Life's Direction, moving towards far horizons where we can enter the consciousness of Vision Quest-ing for our deepest spiritual and philosophical truths. Consider the ways of the Indigenous Tribes of the Americas (and from all areas actually), which teach us the importance of VISION. And in questing for it, we not only KNOW our own place in the World, but we discover that we ultimately have an effect on the next 7 generations (a theme to be explored in the next MoonCoaching™ Lunar Journey in Capricorn).


NEXT: Let us consider the 'Moonifestation' point for the SAGITTARIUS New Moon: It is 2 weeks later at the CANCER/CAPRICORN Full Moon on 12/22/18. You may wish to consider some of the Vibes that CANCER offers us, too:


Element: Water/Emotions/Emotional Body. Planet: Moon (so this is the most Lunar of all Moonths!).

Motherhood/Mother/Maternal/Divine Feminine/Matriarchy. Family/Home/Roots/Foundation/Real Estate.


Safety/Emotional Containment.

When combining the Seed of Fiery SAGITTARIUS with the Flowering of Watery CANCER, we get a sense of really tapping into FINDING THE GIFTS & BLESSINGS within the EARTH FAMILY and recognizing the SPIRITUAL SUSTENANCE of the GREAT MOTHER GODDESS with deep GRATITUDE for all that we are we are given in Life.

So, the SAGITTARIUS New Moon intentions (collective and individual) will culminate on the Full Moon of 12/22 In CANCER, which is an energetic invitation that is extremely powerful, a tremendously charged window of cosmic proportions, wherein we will in effect be setting the vibrational field in place, or rather in alignment with the Cosmos as a FAMILY. Be aware that this field extends from the personal to the transpersonal and interpersonal...we are all part of the One World Soul, and we can greatly participate in the creation of A New Dream, by being Centered in, Aligned with and Aware of our Soul. Please 'show up' for your Self, and for the Good of All. As we shamanically move through the powerful portal of the Sagittarius New Moon into the Cancer Full Moon, we have the opportunity to RE-MEMBER our Oneness as a Cosmic Family, as it is aligning the Moon (Soul) and the Sun (Spirit) in the Sign of the Visioning Quester (Sagittarius) arriving at the point of MOONIFESTATION™ within the archetypal field of the FAMILY, SAFETY, EMOTIONAL CONTAINMENT and SPIRITUAL LOVE (Cancer)!

At the Cancer Full Moonifestation™, spend time allowing yourself to be 'held' within the loving, nurturing embrace of The Great Mother. Just 'be' within, and say 'thank you thank you thank you beloved Mother for all the Blessings bestowed upon me.'


And lastly, I leave you with my Moon~Coaching™ Sagittarius Moon~Mantras™ to repeat not just during the 3-day window of the New Moon, but really to be repeated all moonth long. You might even wish to make one of these your New Moon Intention, to work on and bring to Moonifestation™ using the principles I outline on my main site,



Better yet, JOIN me, MoonCoach™ for an entire moonth of guided self-empowerment in my MoonCoaching Sagittarius Lunar Journey - it's a guided group online program which is FUN, powerful and fits budget-conscious folks. Here's the link to sign up...but hurry, because the deadline to join it is 12/10!


Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia MoonCoach™ Pancaro

Creatrix & Owner of MoonCoaching™


I do not own the images, other than my Moon~Coaching™ logos or in some cases my own photographs. Please let me know if you recognize the artist so I can add their names.

All material is Copyright Silvia Pancaro and MoonCoach™ LLC. Please do not copy.

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