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Leo New Moonth: July 31 thru August 30, 2019

MoonCoaching™ Key Words, Themes & Moon Phase Dates

for the LEO/AQUARIUS Lunar Moonth, 2019

First, I'd like to invite you to join me on the Leo Lunar Journey, consciously navigating the lunar moonth and the energies of this cycle in your OWN LIFE, in a creative manner. Each New Moon kicks off a cycle of exploration and creativity, exemplified by the Moon & Sun in the Cosmic Dance thru the Zodiac, for everyOne on Earth to work, play and create with! I will guide you during each MOON PORTAL date to consciously apply your energy in a proactive manner to accomplish your goals...based on the organic timing of the Sol-Lunar cycle. The first step is to listen to Spirit for Messages, connect it to your LEO INTENTION/GOAL and allow it to become the SEED that you will grow throughout this cycle with the Moon~Coaching™ 8-Step-Creational Lunar Journey. Now on to introducing you to the 5th VIBE of the 12 Celestial Archetypes that is available to us ALL over the lunar moonth:

Of all the 12 Astrological signs, and therefore of the 12 Lunar Journeys (lunar cycles), LEO is the ONE that most clearly asks us to BE YOU in all your authentic, splendorous glory! So I invite you to consider an Intention that includes Creative & Authentic Self-Expression of WHO YOU ARE, in some manner. It could be a project that is special to you, or it could be connecting to your Inner Radiance & Light, or perhaps simply to be In Love with YourSELF! But the idea is to EXPRESS this in some manner, during this moon's activities. This post will help you 'tune in' to the Vibe of Leo (you don't have to be a a Leo to work/play with this energy...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!). You don't have to be a a Leo to work/play with this energy...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!. (And if you'd like to work more deeply with me, working with your own astrological chart since each New/Full Moon cycle is SPECIFIC TO YOU, please consider a private session with me, or join me for the guided group Lunar Journey here: ! )So, for now, keep on reading below as I help you tap into the general energy of the next 30 days. EnJoy the Leo Lunar Journey!

An important key word is COURAGE! This word has its etymological root from the Olde French, meaning 'with heart.' So, to have courage is literally to take some action, or express one's self with all your HEART! There may be some level of trepidation or fear (F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal) blocking you from opening your heart to express your AUTHENTIC SELF, after all we have the 'wounded child' to heal, but once we create a safe and Sacred Space for that part of us to trust and come out of hiding, we transform our wounded child into the RADIANT COSMIC CHILD who is ready to PLAY and SHINE! So, give yourself permission to get in touch with the way we hide our Light...and commit yourself that throughout this Leo New Moon-th, we go deeper to connect with the Divine Light, the Radiant Inner Sun, the God Within, to fully embrace our own Innate Divinity, the very ESSENCE OF OUR BE~ING, reclaiming our INNOCENCE, and SHINE on!

It's Time to grow into a greater & more authentic expression of our Grandest, Radiant Selves! Leo asks us to step onto our personal Stage of Life and RADIATE our Brilliance! Like the Celestial Lion, we are invited to ROAR with great enthusiasm & self-assurance. Pride, yes, PRIDE! What about YOU is special, unique, brilliant, that you are proud about? What do you LOVE doing/expressing that you really need to do more of? What ONE thing about yourSelf BLISSES you out? What FIRE burns in the deepest recesses of your HEART, that you MUST EXPRESS to be fully alive, completely vital and SHINING?

These are the energies that are available to us all (even if you are not a LEO LION/ESS!), during this lunar moonth. So, the idea is to co-create with Nature and Cosmos, by plugging into the energy at an organic level. The more you do this throughout the entire year, moonth to moonth, the more in-tune you will become with Sacred Timing, and this will pay off hugely in your Life! Over Time, you'll notice that Life seems to 'flow' easier, more gracefully...rather than feeling like you are 'kicking against the pricks', you will notice that you are truly synchronized with the Great Creative Power of the Universe. You'll notice you struggle less, and that you are more intuitively aware of the energy flow in your everyday experience. This is something that is developed over Time - so commit to this process for YOUR own well being...and note that this LEO cycle is one of the very best Times to express your relationship with the Divine as you continue to consciously co-create with the Flowing of Sacred Time!

So, take a look at these LEO key words/themes, and synchronize your Intention for the cycle with this energy. Look at the images as well as at the that you are engaging both your rational/logic/left brain AND your creative/intuitive/right brain. You'll be creating new neural pathways in your brain, which will serve to bring greater balance & harmony in the way you function. This applies to ALL 12 Lunar Journeys, as I said, you'll be developing this new ability over the course of Time. So stick with it, and keep on unifying the 2 aspects of your Consciousness (Yin/Lunar/Feminine/SubConsciousness + Yang/Solar/Masculine/Consciousness), ultimately living via your Higher Divine Consciousness.

I will add more images at each one of the Moon~Coaching™ Creation Steps during the 8 Lunar phase date individual posts. Those will reflect the vibration of the specific phase/sign combination. This page covers the general feel and focus for not just the LEO New Moon, but also the overarching theme that drives us during the entire lunar moonth.




Element: Fire/The Will/Creativity/Desire Body.

Ruling Planet: Sun (so this is the most Solar of all Moonths!).

Physical & Chakra Correspondence: Heart + Heart Chakra.

Key Words: Brilliance.Creative Self-Expression. The Stage of Life. Joy. Vitality. Your Core/Center. Playfulness. Cosmic Child. Radiant Authenticity.Passionate Display of Self-Love.

Key Themes: Like the SUN (Leo's planetary ruler), YOU are the Center of your own World - so this cycle draws attention to your CORE,

and to how your RADIATE LIGHT!

(Or the opposite of the above, ie, lack of self-esteem, so the remedy would be to moonifest self-esteem and creating a sense of self-love through the activities of the cycle).

Associated Tarot Card: STRENGTH




(Rules Leo, and is our GUIDE during this cycle):

What we must express in order to BE vitally alive.

The Essence of our BE~ing!

Our Radiant Cosmic Child Self. DIVINE INNOCENCE.

Our Authentic SELF, as an EXPRESSION of DIVINITY.

Our very Spirit, that came down to Earth to RADIATE Spiritual LIGHT.

Radiance, Warmth/Heat, Fire, Creativity, Creative Will, Life Force, Power,

Joy, Play, Vitality, Illumination, Light, What I call our 'Vibrational Core Essence.'

Associated Tarot Card: THE SUN



In a nutshell, our HEART is the focus of our Leo Lunar Journey - being true to ourselves and opening up to the greatest possible expression of our Spiritual Essence!

Ask yourself:

What would I do if I knew I could not fail??!!

Proceed with full passion towards the pursuit of the most authentic Answer to that Quest~Ion.



Moon~Coaching Questions to Ponder, from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro,

for the Leo Lunar Moonth, beginning July 31, 2019:

*What is the highest expression your Spirit is here to explore?

*How connected are you to your Inner Cosmic Child?

*Have you ignited the flame of your deepest spiritual longing?

*Do you give your Highest Self ample opportunity to create & shine?

*Where you do feel the most JOY?

*How vital, alive and creative do you feel?

*What activities inspire you to grow & thrive to your fulllest potential?

You can actually turn any one of these questions into a statement, and make it your Intention for the moonth! For example, if you've not been feeling very creative, vital or alive lately, make that your Intention:

This moonth, I explore my creativity and express it joyfully in ways that vitalize me and helps me feel alive!

Or if you've been wallowing in the self pity of the wounded child for a little toooooo long, and miss being free & innocent, you can turn the 2nd question into your Intention:

I am vibrantly connected to my Inner Cosmic Child and expressing this

Innocent & Playful aspect of mySELF joyfully!

You get the idea, right?

The Month of Leo is presided over the Lord of Light: The SUN itself, who invites us to ponder on the energy of passionate creation as we express it into our World. It's time to be conscious of that Inner Genius, the Spiritual Spark of Light which the Ancients called our Holy Guardian Angel, The Daemon whose infinite Love and Brilliance illumines our Path.

The Sun is the CENTER of our Solar System, and it represents the Vital Core from which we live and breathe, and move and have our BE~ing. Are you in touch with this aspect of your Psyche? It is imperative that you express your spiritual purpose from this, what I have termed 'Your Vibrational Core Essence!' This month, is an opportunity to consciously connect with your Inner Sun, and be vitalized by the Spiritual Sun that shines behind our own Sun...LIVE!!!


BE the Center of your own Domain!


Claim your CROWN.

Sit on YOUR throne!


More than any other lunar moonth, THIS one is the mosts SELF-Centered, but in a very positive, enLightened way, if we choose to develop the healthy ego, the one that is aligned with Higher Power, the DIVINE WITHIN US, which is seeking Creative Expression thru YOU as the Human 'Doer in the Body.' So, ponder with care on the words, I AM, since it is a statement and and AFFIRMATION, each time you speak them (or think them). Be sure that you follow those 2 very powerful and Magickal words, with words that confirm this Sacred Union between your Human self and your DIVINE SELF!


NEXT: Let us consider the Moonifestation point for the Leo New Moon:

It is 2 weeks later at the AQUARIUS Full Moon on 8/15/19.

You may wish to consider some of the Vibes that AQUARIUS offers us, too:


Freedom. Individuality. Genius.

Groups. Friends. Allies.

Maintaining One's Uniqueness within the Collective.

Humanitarian Interests. Revolution.

Free-Thought. Change. Breaking Tradition.

Associated Tarot Card: THE STAR

Ruling Planets: URANUS/Freedom (Tarot card: The Fool) + SATURN/Structure (Tarot card: The World)

When combining the Seed of Fiery LEO with the Flowering of Airy AQUARIUS, we get a sense of connecting with our Authentic God/Dess Source as an INDIVIDUAL SPARK OF THE DIVINE, and from that CORE, we can RADIATE the totality of our own personal LIGHT ~with~ OTHER equally UNIQUE SPARKS in mutually supportive manners that honors BOTH the Individual AND the Group, to fully express authentically, holistically, and joyfully. This is an energetic invitation to fully embrace your I AM PRESENCE as an example to OTHERS within the COLLECTIVE, to INSPIRE other Individuals to likewise SHOW UP and PARTICIPATE in the Group AWAKENING, to truly bring HEAVEN TO EARTH, vibrating from your own Unique (YOUnique) vibratory signature, each and every ONE of US! Personally, and Collectively, we are being invited (urgent invitation) to STEP UP OUR GAME, as this Lunar Moonth echoes the energies of the 2018 Summer of ECLIPSES...time to ROAR from the Innermost Self, the ONE that Leo/Aquarius combined, as this moonth's Cosmic Vibration into which we are attuning, can be seen as opening our HEART (Leo/Sun) to connect with our ALLIES for REVOLUTIONIZING the outworn Structures of Socio-Political systems in order to CREATE a truly Independent HUMANITY (Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus).

This painting from the Starman Tarot, designed by UK Artist Davide De Angelis (with David Bowie),

really captures the Essence of Leo + Aquarius as I described it above:


And since a picture is worth a thousand attention to the images & Art shared above (DEEP GRATITUDE to all ARTISTS who appear here! If you recognize your piece, please let me know who you are so I can credit your name for the BEAUTY you have created) to get you feeling Leonine and Solarized! Take it all in, as part of Who You Are!

Come back to this page throughout the Moonth to reinvigorate yourSelf with these visual cues and Vibes!



So, once you decide to PLAY with me on my LEO LUNAR JOURNEY,

you'll want to head over to sign up at:


And I'm also available for one-on-one, Moon~Coaching™ sessions, or Astrology/Tarot readings.

(Disclaimer NO predictions - my sessions EMPOWER you through giving you information & tools with which you PROACTIVELY CREATE your reality from your Free Will in conjunction with the DIVINE IN YOU!). Please contact me if you would like information on setting up a session, or visit my websites for details. I Am here to be of service to the beautiful LIGHT within YOU!


See you soon!

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia MoonCoach™ Pancaro



All material written, Moon~Coaching™ & Lunar Journey programs/products are

Copyright of Silvia Pancaro. Please do not copy or reprint without permission of the author/creatrix.


I do not own the images, other than my Moon~Coaching™ logos or in some cases my own photographs. Please let me know if you recognize the artist so I can add their names.

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