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Aries 2018 Lunar Journey with MoonCoach™

OUR FOCUS for this Lunar Journey is diving into the REAL NEW YEAR, beginning with the 1st Lunar Moonth of the

2018-2019 Astro-Lunar Year, which will be Aries on 4/15/2018, will be as follows:


Dive into the new astro-lunar year with total trust and faith!

Initiate a New Dream for the next 12 moonths!

Be the STAR of your own personal S/Hero’s Journey!


Feel the fiery enthusiasm of Aries - imagine your Intentional Seeds being energetically quickened by Spirit, as you synchronize with The Great Dreamer! Feel your Creative Dreams being gently awakened!

The Aries Moonth is all about getting your juices flowing, feeling fully alive & vital! Think of a baby or toddler who is fully innocent in her exploration of the world and of him Self! There is a feeling of wonder, awe & discovery during this moonth that pervades all Life! Since the Aries New Moon begins a new year-long cycle of Conscious Co-Creation with Spirit, the Moon & Sun, and the Zodiac, this is an especially importantone!

  • WHAT CREATIVE DREAM are you inspired to work on, play with and develop over the course of this New Astrological Year?

  • How can you re-invent yourSelf this moonth?

  • What exciting new ways of expressing your Creative Potential are you ready to focus on?

  • How do you wish to show up in the world?

  • Ideally, everyOne will work this moonth on IDENTITY and on the Creative Expression of the Authentic Self!

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