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MoonCoaching™: Virgo New Moonth & Lunar Journey! Set Your Intentions! Work Your Magick


Seed. Dream. New Beginning. Inner Vision. Faith. Trust. Intuition.

FIRST, you'll want to mark these dates on your calendar, or set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you of the 8 times you need to return here to the VIRGO forum. I will be posting the journal prompts, and you'll pull your cards, journal & share:

(All times/dates are EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

  • Aug 30 @ 6:37 am New Moon: DREAM - 7-Virgo

  • Sept 2 @ 11:07 am Crescent Moon: PLAN - 25-Libra

  • Sept 5 @ 11:10 pm First Quarter Moon: ACT - 14-Sagittarius

  • Sept 9 @ 9:32 pm Gibbous Moon: FOCUS - 3-Aquarius

  • Sep 14 @ 12:33 am Full Moon: MOONIFESTATION™ - 22-Pisces

  • Sept 18 @ 2:19 am Disseminating Moon: SHARE - 11-Taurus

  • Sept 21 @ 10:41 pm Last Quarter Moon: REORIENT - 29-Gemini

  • Sept 25 @ 9:55 am Balsamic Moon: BE @ PEACE - 18-Leo

This post will help you 'tune in' to the Vibe of VIRGO (you don't have to be a VIRGO to work/play with this energy...we have ALL 12 signs in our astrological charts & Psyche!). If you understand your own astrological chart, look for the 7th Degree of Virgo in it, to see what area of your Life (and aspects of your Psyche) are being activated by this Lunation. Apply the key words you read here, in a manner that is SPECIFIC TO YOU, so include this in crafting your Intention for co-creating with Moon, Sun, Zodiac & Tarot! EnJoy the VIRGO Lunar Journey! Again, if you need assistance with this, I am here, as MoonCoach™, to walk you thru it should you want individualized attention.

I am going to redirect you to the rest of this New Moon blog entry, over yonder to my main website, so please click here my friends, to get the full scoop, images and journal prompts:

Be sure to register for the MoonCoach™ Blog updates, as I'll be posting there mostly - I will add more images at each one of the Moon~Coaching™ Creation Steps during the 8 Lunar phase date individual posts, so be sure to visit this blog at for those phase updates (which will include reading the 'energy' of each portal with Tarot & Oracle cards in addition to the Moon phase & Sign). Those will reflect the vibration of the specific phase/sign combination.

Peace & MoonBeam Blissings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of MoonCoaching™

All material Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. All Rights Reserved.

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