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Why the Moon and Tarot? What's in it for me?

I created 'Lunar Journey' as an extension of the empowering experiential program that my Beloved Marcus Geier and I created, called Tarot Mystery School. Each Major Arcana card is an Initiatory Portal, through which you deepen your relationship with your True Self, as a Journeyer on the Royal Road (Life). I combined this with my #1 program, Moon~Coaching™, creating pro-actively with the movement of the Moon through the Zodiac in her Cosmic Dance with the Sun, as she distributes their combined Energy around the Earth. So, during each Lunar Journey, I will include the Moon's phase and sign in the interpretation, since the foundation of my Sacred Work is the Lunar Cycle and Astrology, side by side with the interpretation of each related Tarot card.

So, why the Moon? Why Tarot? Why ME? Because I have seen thousands of clients and students create REAL Magick in their lives by working with my programs...and what happens when you combine 3 powerful forces into 1 equation? You get a serious massive POWERHOUSE of ENERGY to fuel your Dreams, Goals, Activities and Projects!

Or put in a more woo-woo way:

Luna is the domain of Soul, of Intuition, of SubConsciousness, of Dreams, of Visions, of the Imagery we expect to find Behind the Veil...

...There is no more perfect Imagery sacred to Soul, aligned with Lunar Symbolism, as the Living Archetypes of the essence it is a 'book' of sorts...each image is a 'page' which describes a Soul-full experience on our personal S/Hero's Journey...

...Come, journey through the Soli-Lunar Realm, with the Archetypes of the 22 Major Arcana & the 56 Minor Arcana...

We start a new round-about the Big Wheel in the Sky on Sunday, April 15th....the Moon~Coaching™ 2018-2019 Astro-Lunar Journey kicks off with the 1st of the 12 Celestial Archetypes™: Aries! Why is this important to YOU? Because we have ALL 12 'signs' in our's not just about one's Sun are a magnificent kaleidoscope of archetypal energies, constantly shifting, growing, and making new creative expressions through your Consciousness, and in your Life. So, choosing to work CONSCIOUSLY with these energetic portals as given to us by the Sun, Moon, Planets and Celestial Archetypes, is a MUST for any Seeker on the Path to an Awakened Beingness! All of this applies to YOU, to your business & creative endeavours, to your personal & spiritual experiences, because the more aware we are of the movement of the Creative Energies, the more we can purposefully direct these and work with them.

For example, Aries brings to ALL on Earth, the energy of Creative Fire! We all need that sensational fire in the belly know the one - that sweetly inspiring desire to move forward in some creative way, that literally MOVES us into new directions & experiences! That type of energy we need to apply to all our goals & dreams! It's that SPARK of New Life that excites us! Do you feel it? Good! Because now that you have connected with that feeling, you are consciously tapped into the Creative Fire that you can use to MOONIFEST a dearly held idea/concept/project/goal/dream...HOW?

As much as this may sound like an 'advertisement' , it's actually my intense desire to guide you through not just the Creation but also the Birthing of YOUR Dreams! You have no idea yet (unless you've already played with me in one of my previous groups) just how passionate and excited I am to hold your dreams in Sacred Space, to guide you with these powerful Tools that are Astrology, Moon Phases, Tarot, EFT, Sacred Sound and m ore...and how absolutely wild I am about witnessing as you dive deeply into your own Soul & meet up with your own Inner Guide to bring out your RADIANCE into the World! I really, truly wish for you to enjoy each Lunar Journey with me as your Guide...playing, creating, birthing together, these Sacred Dreams that are stirring in your Soul & Heart.

So, it's pretty simple: In each Lunar Journey, we work with the organic timing of the Sun/Moon/Earth...and apply it to a special Intention that you set for yourself at the New Moon, and work (yes, you get to be 3D pro-active, so it's not just all fun & woo-woo!) over the course of the moonth. We do this in a supportive virtual environment - a special, private group, where together we all co-create Sacred Space. You can see some of the details here, to see the set up (you just can't see the private posts since it's a membership only forum), and this gives you a tiny sense of what to expect:

If you wish to join the full year-long Lunar Journey, you'll get a special discount on the usual price. For that, see here:

And if you just want to 'try' by joining the 1st Lunar Journey to be sure you LOVE it, go here:

I hope you decide to join us...we start on Sunday, so hurry to register, because I need to create your Astrology chart for the Lunar Journey, and I'll be working on those on Saturday! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me: CLICK TO EMAIL SILVIA

I look forward to creating with you, and witnessing your dreams Moonifesting with great joy!

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™


Moon~Coach™ = Outer Guide

MoonCoach (Silvia Pancaro) acts as your outer guide through your Lunar Journey. Working with the Moon~Coaching™ program, you will connect with your Soul's Purpose, and map out a proactive action plan for accomplishing your goals & dreams.

Rainbow Fool™ = Inner Guide

The Rainbow Fool Is your Inner Guide, who is a prefect reflection of YOU in your purest 'form.' With the Rainbow Fool, and your Moon~Coaching™ Moon Map in hand, your next step is to work with the Tarot and Oracle decks of your choosing. Each step on your Lunar Journey, coincides with an intuitively chosen Image, which further guides and prompts you towards achieving your goals & dreams.

Lunar Phases = Sacred Time

Step by step, phase by phase, as you learn to synchronize your goals & dreams to the rhythms of the Sol-Lunar Cosmic Clock, you move more deeply into your Soul's Purpose, joining ever more lovingly with your Spiritual Core Essence, no longer trapped by artificial time, but living according to Sacred Time, Organic Flow, and Divine Guidance.

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