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Experience the Power of the Moon in her Sacred Dance with the Sun, Earth and Cosmos!
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MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro Invites YOU to Step Onto the....

Path of the Lunar Priest~Ess

What is Path of the Lunar PriestEss?

Women & Men are being called to step into their power to assist in the co-creation of a New Earth.

In order to play the role we came to play at this time of great change, we need to tap into our Divine Nature.

How do we do this?

The first & primordial step is to re-claim our innate understanding of the Natural Cycles, by tuning in to Nature and the Cosmos, thereby becoming consciously aligned with Cosmic Timing.

Path of The Lunar Priestess™ is designed to activate the Codes within each person, so that we can all activate our Solar Essence, by integrating our Lunar Nature.

As we align with the power of Nature’s Cycles, we are better equipped to bring the Changes to our Reality that we signed up for many Ages ago.

The Time has come to re-activate your codes as a Lunar Priest~Ess...

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     Our Powerful Program Is Offered In 4 Formats:

  • In Person in NW Georgia.

  • Virtual Online as Interactive Webinars.

  • Combination of In-Person + Online Circle.

  • Women-Only Circle, and a Co-Ed (Male & Female) Circle.

Created & facilitated by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro & her husband, Marcus Geier, Path of The Lunar Priest~Ess™ is a 9-month experiential journey wherein we will activate our Inner Priest~Ess, working with the Sun/Moon/Earth as a Divine Trinity of Wholeness.


We will integrate each of the Soli-Lunar Phases as parts of our own Psyche, working in harmony with Nature's Cycles and Cosmic Timing,
based on the Hermetic Principle of As Above-So Below, As Within-So Without.

Each Lunar Month, each Initiate will focus on each of the 8 Phases of the Moon and Sun, tapping into the Zodiacal Frequencies as per the MoonCoach™ Process and Celestial Archetypes™ teachings. We include various Metaphysical modalities of Self-inquiry, Spiritual Disciplines, Esoteric Teachings and Shamanic Tools. 

At the end of the 9-month process, each Woman and each Man,
will Emerge as fully embodied Lunar Priest~Ess.  Each Priest~Ess will then use the Tools in ways that they see fit, according to their own Life Purpose.

Each Emerged Priest~Ess will feel the full rush of personal em-Powerment, by having released themselves from the illusion of old patriarchal systems, including the slave concept of 'controlled/clock time.'


And will instead have the choice to live their lives as Free BE-ings living according to Natural Cycles and Cosmic Time!

The proposed schedule is as follows for the local NW Georgia circle, with dates to be confirmed after the first circle gathering:

Each Priest~Ess Initiate will need to purchase a copy of Silvia's book, 

"Path of The Lunar Priest~Ess: "An Inter-Active Manual For Living In Harmony

with New Earth Natural Cycles & Cosmic Time" ($28.88)



1st Moonth: October 3, 2021: (Integration of Balsamic Phase)

Re-Claim the Power of Moon-Time Mysteries (open to all genders)

2nd Moonth: November 2021 (Integration of New Phase)
Initiation as Lunar Priest~Ess™ or Solar Priest™  by Activating the
Integration of Sun/Soular Essence & Moon/Lunar Nature Within One's Self

3rd Moonth: January 2022 (Integration of Crescent Phase)
Telling & Re-Scripting Our Stories to En-Vision A New Life Plan with the

Celestial Archetypes™ Astrological Hero's Journey & Tarot Mystery School™

4th Moonth: February 2022: (Integration of 1st Quarter Phase)
Integration of Shadow & Light Through Soul Retrieval & Radical Forgiveness™

5th Moonth: March 2022: (Integration of Gibbous Phase)
Learning to Use the Lunar Priest~Ess Tools: MoonCoaching™ Process, 

Celestial Archetypes™ Astrology, and Elements of Alchemy™

6th Moonth: April 2022:  (Integration of Full Phase)
Celebration of Wholeness via the Alchemical Marriage of 

Inner Divine Masculine & Inner Divine Feminine, Birthing The Cosmic Child™

7th Moonth: May 2022:  (Integration of Disseminating Phase)
New Directions, Life Purpose and Divine Intention Using QuantumAstroDynamics™ and AstroVibeOlogy™

8th Moonth: June 2022: (Integration of Last Quarter Phase)
Shamanic Death & Conscious Re-Birth and  Meeting with

Your Incarnational Angel (Kabbalistic)

9th Moonth: July 2022: (Integration of Dark Moon Phase as a Whole).  

Emergence as Lunar Priest~Ess™ in Dedicated Service to The Sun-Moon-Earth as Embodied Divine Trinity of God-Goddess-Cosmic Child™


As this website is under creative reconstruction, please visit our main sites at:


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