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Mother. Women. Pregnancy. Womb. Breasts. Birthing. Family. Self-Care. Emotional Safety. Container. Goddess.

Cancer Lunar Journey

A guided group experience with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Cancer Lunar Journey 2022

Cancer and

The Moon 

Invite You to

Mother Yourself!

Emotional Safety
. Emotions. Ocean Depths.

Self-Care. Self-Love.

Nurturing Others.

Nurturing Yourself.

Family. Soul Tribe.

Divine Mother Goddess.

Women, Womb, Birthing.

The Month of CANCER is presided over the MOON, who invites us to ponder on the way we manage our EMOTIONAL BODY. The MOON is the most 'YIN' nurturing energy, urging us to nourish, nurture, and care lovingly for ourselves, our loved ones, our Family, our Soul Tribe. This energy exists in both Women & Men, therefore we can all tap into it. However, it is Women who carry the embryo within our Wombs until the time of Birthing the Child is at hand. This Creative Ability connects Women with Creator energy in a unique manner that needs to be honored and respected for the gift and responsibility that it is. That said, we don't all h ave to birth human children, but can create projects, books, whatever we nourish in our Souls until the Time is right to bring it out into the World. What are you gestating?


This Cancerian lunar moonth, we are invited to navigate the into the Emotional Realm via the gentle Cosmic Crab (or Scarab Beetle to , the Ancient Egyptians), who assists us with moving into the depths of our Soul, recognizing our genetic-familiar-and psychological ROOTS, which form the foundation of our personal & collective TREE OF LIFE. Yes, this Lunar Moonth is an invitation to dive deeply into the Cosmic Womb, to re-member that beyond the flesh and blood and bones of our physical human bodies, we are truly all One, swimming in the amniotic fluid of The Great Mother. Surrender and melt into Her Loving Embrace...

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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