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Libra Lunar Journey

A guided group experience with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Libra Lunar Journey 2022

Libra & Venus 

Invite You to


Love YourSelf

as You Would Have

 Your Beloved Love You...

Look in the Mirror...

All Your Relations

Reflect Back to YOU,

Something About the Way 

You Treat YourSelf...

Weigh Your Heart on the Scales...

Is the LOVE in it as Light & Kind

for YOU as it is for others?

The Cosmic Scales accentuates the need to clarify our thoughts, so that only the Essential, the True, the Just, the Beautiful, the Harmonious, remains on our Inner that we might be consistently Centered in our Core.

The planet Venus guides us this month: We combine Libra's ability to observe with clear detachment, with Venus' connection with Appreciation (giving value something) for those ESSENTIAL people, situations, thoughts, feelings, events, that keep us truly focused on our True Nature & protects us from the dizzying confusions of Life which would otherwise give rise to being 'OUT OF BALANCE' and unable to return to our Inner Source of Grounding.

What's on our Inner Scales? Remove what creates imbalance or lack of harmony. Leave only the Essentials upon your Inner Scales, so that we are truly living our Life from a place of Harmony & Balance. This lunar cycle asks us to focus on creating BALANCE in all our relationships - with our Beloved, or with any sacred 'other' including people, activities, money, food, etc.


Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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