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Going on a Lunar Journey is an adventure! Where do we go? Well, we start off in the Cosmos, traveling through star systems and whizzing by planets, and paying particular attention to where the Sun & Moon are positioned in relation to what we call Astrological Signs (Archetypes in the Western Tropical Zodiac). We then come back to Earth, to our own lives, and from our personal perspectives, we bring the Energies of the Zodiac, Sun and Moon, into our everyday Life. Why? To CREATE with these energies, which are very real, very useful, and very powerful frequencies (all Life is based in Frequency, per Quantum Physics), which we can direct and apply to any specific area of our 3D experience. 

So, why do I call it Lunar Journey, and not Cosmic Voyage for example? Because our focus in this particular program (one of many I designed & facilitate), is specifically that gorgeous, magickal sphere that spins round and round US, the Earth. Yes, I do have other 'Journeys' in which we focus on other Celestial Ambassadors to our Consciousness, but in fact my favorite Journey is this one, because the Moon is the clearest representative of Soul, of Emotions, of Imagination, of the Feminine way of Creating, that offers us an opportunity to evolve in a gentle, Soul-full way...and...creating with Her requires us to do something that a lot of people haven't felt comfortable doing in thousands of years: 



This is called INTUITION, and the Moon is the Greatest Force we have that shows us how to do this for ourselves. For far too long, we have been taught, conditioned, forced to rely solely on the process of Left-Brain thinking...processing information in rational and linear fashion. Needless to say, this hasn't worked very well for Humanity, nor for the well-being of our Beloved Planet as a Whole. It's also left us feeling/acting in very lop-sided and unbalanced ways. No fun at all! Literally, since Science, Math, History is BORING if you leave out Art, Music, Dance, Divinity from the equation, right? The good news is this has been quickly changing, as new Generations (plus forerunners like yours truly) came into Incarnation to bring back CREATIVITY via Whole-Brain processing into our everyday reality. Little by little, more and more people have awakened to their innate Intuitive abilities, become more comfortable with the creative, right-brain dreaming, and turned onto the path of combining left and right brain processing, rational/linear thinking with intuitive/flowing thinking, in order to feel more alive, more purposeful, more creative. It's the way of the Future, and it's HERE NOW. You see where I'm going with this? I firmly believe that the Moon and Intuition are what will heal us, as individuals, and as a species, inter-relating with other Life Forms on Earth (yes, 'and Beyond'). 



So, with my original program, Moon~Coaching™, I reached out to many thousands of individuals as well as groups, working on personal dreams as well as professional goals, and taught them to use my very powerful creative process of Moonifesting with the Lunar Phases, Archetypal Astrology and Natural Cycles. Lunar Journey (and all my other programs) is based on Moon~Coaching™, but this one is a simplified format that anybody can use effectively.  Moon~Coaching™ was/is based on the same Principles as Lunar Journey: That we all have a Purpose, and it's revealed in our Astrological Chart which I refer to as our Essence Blueprint, since it's a Map of the Essence of our Being, which we can utilize consciously & pro-actively to build the Life we were meant to experience - full of Bliss~ings, Wellness, Joy, Prosperity and Love. Once you understand that YOU MATTER and that you are needed on this Beloved Earth with the specific combinations of traits, gifts, challenges and lessons that are uniquely designed BY your and FOR you, then designing & creating your Life by the Light of the Moon becomes a no-brainer...or a Whole-Brainer anyways!

Ok, so if I still have your attention, I will outline what you'll experience by joining me, MoonCoach™ (Silvia Pancaro) on a Lunar Journey (see the Astronaut to the right? That's what I would daydream myself to be, when I was a teeny little girl about age 4, journneying among the Stars, visiting La Luna and visiting with friends out in the Eternally shapeshifting Cosmos).  Ok, so here's what happens. Once you register, pay & send me your birth information, I will create your astrological chart on what is called a 'tri-wheel' which simply means your blueprint is in the Center (of course, since everything that happens, is centered on YOU my friend), with the New Moon wheel outside of it, and then the Full Moon wheel on the outer rim (3 wheels). I will look for the areas of your Life that are 'activated' by the new & full moons, mark them on your chart, and provide you with a PDF that lists the key themes for these areas so you can focus on these combined ideas as you set your Intention/Goal for that specific Lunar Journey. The INTENTION you set will be based on the energy of the Moon cycle itself...which comes from the Astrological sign of the New Moon Phase. You'll get information including ideas and key words when you log into the private group I set up for members only. Which is where you get very real, loving, empowering support from me personally, as well as from other members who are your 'crew' during that Lunar Journey (a tremendous energetic bond is created from setting up a Virtual Sacred Space together, so look forward to making new friends along the way!).


In this group, I post at 8 different times in the cycle; these are specially crafted journal prompts that are based on the energies of the phases of the moon in conjunction with the astrological vibe...NO, you do not need to know Astrology to have an effective & fun journey...however, you WILL learn it little by little, in simple ways, especially if you return moonth after moonth to more Lunar Journeys.


Ok, so what else do we do? We use TAROT & ORACLE cards. YES, you will need at least 1 deck for this part. This is where the MAGICK happens! This is the part of the ride that connects the 2 hemispheres of the brain, to allow for communication between your rational, logical side and your creative, intuitive side. It's like East meets West. The images of the cards, which are pulled based on the customized journal prompts I post during the course of the Lunar Journey, will serve to translate information from the level of your Soul, to the level of your everyday personality. It's profound work! Within the group setting, everyone shares their cards, their InSights, their aha's as well as haha's; and if you ever get stuck on a phase, or on a card, another member or myself will always offer feedback to help you along. That's the Beauty of doing Group Work...we can count on each other when we need that little extra oomph.

Ultimately, each Lunar Journey is a totally unique experience. You learn about yourSelf because you are going INSIDE, into your Heart, your Mind, Your Soul...and you experience a totally different Reality...once that bridges the Outer Space with the Inner Space. And that point of Junction where these realities meet? This is where MAGICK HAPPENS...the shifts in Consciousness that open us up to be more of Who We Were Truly Born To BE. And isn't that what we are all REALLY wanting?

I invite you to try 1 Lunar Journey if you are not's only a single moonth's investment of Time and $...and I am pretty sure that if you are dedicated to your Life's Highest Expression of the Light Within, you'll come right back to sign up for the entire year - all 12 Lunar Journeys, traveling to your Inner Space in order to create an ever more beautiful Outer Space in your Life!

Are you ready to put on your Moon suit?

Let's go!

Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

and many programs Astrological, Lunar,

Solar and Magickal, just for YOU!

Join me on a Lunar Journey....

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