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Virgo Lunar Journey

A guided group experience with MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro

Virgo Lunar Journey 2022

Virgo & Mercury:


Invite You to

Connect with Your Body


Clear Your Mind

Time to Upgrade Your Mindset!


An important tool for a

well-lived Life!

Clutter-clear all areas of your Life (Home,Desk,Mind,Body)!

The main idea this moonth, is to take a good look at what we do on a daily basis. Are our habits healthy and

life-affirming? If not, then time to apply Virgonian discernment to our habits and lifestyle.

What needs to be cut out?

We are invited to connect with the Earth thru our own bodies. What do we put into it? Are we honoring of our body's sacredness? Do we care for it appropriately?

Additionally, it's time to check in to our work habits. If we are doing a 'good job' then we leave work at work, and come home to relax. If we are stressed, then time to consider where we might be harboring negativity in our habitual mental patterns, and then upgrade our Mindset.

What do you do for a living? Is it connecting you to your Soul in a manner that feels like Sacred Work? Make sure your work is one that is not just about paying the bills, but also about allowing you to channel your gifts/talents/abilities into something worthy of your Time. 

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