Pisces Lunar Journey 2020

February 23 thru March 24, 2020

Pisces Lunar Journey 2021

March 13 thru April 11, 2021

We begin at The End: Pisces is the actually the last of the 12 Celestial Archetypes, so it is the moonth associated with closure and returning to Source in order to renew our energy.

This is the 'implicate order' or the 'quantum soup' from which all manifestations arise...the Dreamworld from which we create our external reality. During this Lunar Journey, we will dive deeply into our personal Dreamworld, to be INSPIRED by the Soul's most precious Dreams. Here we will use the power of Imagination to energize our goals. This Lunar Journey asks you to turn off the rational mind, and allow yourSelf to be moved by Spirit into the direction of your Heart's deepest longing...


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