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Moonifest Your Heart's Dreams Playfully
with the Power of the 
Moon Cycles
and the Magick of

Empower Yourself With Lunar Journey


Silvia Pancaro

Invites You to:


MoonCoach™ ~ Silvia Pancaro guides women & men towards Success, Happiness, Prosperity, Harmony and Authentic Living, with Sacred Tools that encourage the highest potential expression of their Soul's Unique Genius. Based on her powerful Moon~Coaching™ system, Silvia guides you towards the Realization of your goals over the course of each Lunar Moonth, using your Astrology chart, the 8 phases of the Sun/Moon/Earth cycle, and the insightful use of the Tarot archetypes. 

Various levels of the Lunar Journey are available, starting at the 'basic' level: a guided, interactive group platform, lead by Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro, where the participants play & create together, under the Light of the Moon.

Soul-Based Approach


Need help to achieve your goals in life?

I designed a Soul-based model focusing on the creative power found within the Cosmos, Mother Nature and the Human Spirit, to bring out the best in YOU. I will give you the tools for success in every area of your life, and together we will work, play and bring your Soul's Dreams into Moonifestation™ ! 


In addition to 1-on-1 consultations & group sessions, I regularly host playshops for those of YOU who are ready to Moonifest the Dreams, Visions & Goals that arise out of YOUR Soul & Spirit, to bring it down to Earth in your Human Experience.

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Happy REAL New Year!

Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse 2024.JPG

Yes, the REAL New Year begins with the Aries New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse)  on APRIL 8, 2024!
Join MoonCoach
for the 12 Lunar Journeys,
from Aries to Pisces!
Join One or ALL!
If you miss the April 8 Lunar Journey, you can still join us at any time of the 2024-2025 Astro-Lunar Year as long as you start on any of the 12 New Moons, outlined below.

EMAIL us if you have questions

Taurus Lunar Journey 2024

Recognizing Your Gifts, Talents, Abilities & Inner Resources
May 7 thru June 6, 2024

The 2nd New Moon of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year asks us to celebrate LIFE ON EARTH thru the sign TAURUS teaching us to patiently move towards our desired outcomes, through consistent & well planned actions based on the Values of our Soul.

THIS LUNATION IS a cosmic invitation to get grounded in the qualities of Earth, honor our connections to Nature, and deepen our self-esteem & therefore get clear on our relationship with money, matter & all things material. We'll do this through the Celestial Bull - the sensual Earth-lover, grounding us deeply into a conscious connection with our innate talents & abilities in order to truly flow the blessings of Abundance in our lives! The infamous Law of Attraction is strongest at this point in the cycle. You are the Architect & Designer of your Life!



Money, Body, Earth, Business and all things 3D

This Taurus new moonth is about being the architect of our dreams and building our lives on a strong foundation, therefore grounding our goals into the earthly reality and manifesting all that we deserve, based on our own self-worth! Taurus is the builder of the Zodiac, reminding us to be as the Earth herself: Connect to our inner natural rhythms, be mindful of our physical needs, respect our own gifts & talents, and embrace ourselves gratefully for what we have to share. Valuing our Selves and recognizing our innate Beauty acts as the ‘attracting principle’ (i.e.Law of Attraction) for all that brings us personal fulfillment!

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder, from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Taurus Lunar Moonth:

  • What practical natural Gift/Talent/Ability within myself is the one to apply during this Moonth, to accomplish my Intention/Goal?

  • What can I do to truly honor and strengthen my Body Temple during this moonth, that would positively energize my Intention/Goal as I strengthen mySelf?

  • As I Am the Architect and Designer of my own Life, what best serves me to rebuild so that I attract more stability, beauty and grace into my Earthly experience?

  • How can I create a better relationship with Money, in order to prosper my Dreams and secure a more empowered financial foundation?

Gemini Lunar Journey 2024

Mindset, Mental Atmosphere & Choice
June 6 thru July 5, 2024

The 3rd New Moon of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year asks us to COMMUNICATE OUR IDEAS & DEVELOP COMMUNITY thru the astrological sign of the Celestial Twins, GEMINI teaching us to gather relevant information/data that supports our goals, and share with others in a mutually supportive manner. This is the prime time of the year for calling in our allies to further our goals, by brainstorming and seeding our ideas into the collective, via all possible channels of communication (internet, books, classes, newsletters, and good old fashioned word of mouth networking! Cast your seed into the collective net!


This lunar moonth is about considering how our Thoughts are supporting (or denying) our Creative Vision - as well as putting the "Word" out into our community, so that we may further express our Spirit and Soul's Intentions. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world by virtue of your Thoughts?


Remember: This is an AIR sign, and once you put something out, the Winds carry it forth into the World at large.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder, from Silvia MoonCoach™ Pancaro for the Gemini Lunar Moonth:

  • What idea is brewing which I need to develop further?

  • How can I improve my communication skills?

  • What am I ready to share with my community?

  • What can I do to further my education?

  • How can I gather support for my vision?


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Join MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro ...

as we travel the Cosmos on our Lunar Journeys...

Cancer Lunar Journey 2024

Creating Soulful Space Within & Without
July 5 thru August 4, 2024

The 4th New Moon of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year asks us to look at our emotional world, including our Family life as well as whether we are taking time to create a safe emotional container for ourselves,

for our loved ones, and if applicable to your business -

are you creating safe space for your clients?

Take time to create a safe, nurturing Sacred Space for yourself and for your loved ones. Take a good, deep look at the ways you sabotage your basic needs, and learn to create a safe container for

expressing your emotional needs.


We are invited to navigate the Emotional Realm via the gentle Cosmic Crab, who assists us with moving into the depths of our Soul, recognizing our genetic-familiar-and psychological ROOTS,

which form the foundation of our personal and collective



Yes, this Lunar Moonth is an invitation to dive deeply into the Cosmic Womb, to re-member that beyond the flesh & blood & bones

of our physical human bodies, we are truly all One,

swimming in the amniotic fluid of The Great Mother.

Surrender & melt into Her Loving Embrace...

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with,

from Silvia MoonCoach™ Pancaro for the Cancer Lunar Moonth:

  • How do you nurture yourself?

  • How do you 'mother' yourself?

  • What do you need in order to feel loved, safe and cared for?

  • What does Mother & Family mean to YOU?

  • What is the nature of your connection to GREAT MOTHER?

Leo Lunar Journey 2024

Expressing Your Authentic Spiritual Essence
August 4 thru September 2, 2024

The 5th New Moon (in the 5th Sign) of the 2024-2025

Astro-Lunar Year asks us to to grow into a greater and more authentic expression of our Grandest, Radiant Selves!

Leo asks us to step onto our personal Stage of Life

and RADIATE our Brilliance!

Like the Celestial Lion, we are invited to ROAR with great enthusiasm and self-assurance. Pride, yes, PRIDE!

​ We will work with the qualities of FIRE sign, LEO the Lion, symbol of the Creative Self-Expression, Joy & Passion,

Our Inner Cosmic Child, Life Force Energy & Vitality,

The Creative Impulse to Live & Express


The Month of Leo is presided over the Lord of Light:

The SUN itself, who invites us to ponder on the energy of passionate creation as we express it into our World.

It's time to be conscious of that Inner Genius, the Spiritual Spark of Light which the Ancients called our

Holy Guardian Angel, The Daemon whose

infinite Love and Brilliance illumines our Path.

The Sun is the Center of our Solar System, and it represents the Vital Core from which we live and breathe, and move and have our BE~ing. Are you in touch with this aspect of your Psyche? It is imperative that you express your spiritual purpose from this, Your Vibrational Core Essence!

This month, is an opportunity to consciously connect with your Inner Sun, and be vitalized by the Spiritual Sun

that shines behind our own Sun...LIVE!!!

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with, 

from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Leo Lunar Moonth:


  • What about YOU is special, unique, brilliant,that you are proud about?

  • What do you LOVE doing/expressing thatyou really need to do more of?

  • What one wonderful thing about yourSelf that BLISSES you out?

Libra Lunar Journey 2024

October 2 thru November 1, 2024

The 7th New Moon (in the 7th Sign) of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year

asks us to check in on what you have on your Inner Scales, and remove what creates imbalance or lack of harmony. Leave only the Essentials upon your Inner Scales, so that you are truly living your Life

from a place of Harmony & Balance. 

THIS LUNATION accentuates the need to clarify our thoughts, so that only the Essential, the True, the Just, the Beautiful, the Harmonious, remains on our Inner that we might be as consistently as possible Centered in our Heart. As Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, we combine Libra's ability to observe with clear detachment, with Venus' connection with Appreciation (giving value to something) for those Essential people, situations, thoughts, feelings, events, that keep us truly focused on our True Nature, and protects us from the dizzying confusions of Life which would otherwise give rise to being 'out of balance' and unable to return to our Inner Source of Grounding. Allow Venus to give us guidance this month.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with,

from MoonCoach™ Silvia  Pancaro for the Libra Lunar Moonth:

In what condition are my romantic and business partnerships?
● How can I bring greater harmony & equality into
all my relationships? 
● What might I do to channel Beauty    into my environment? 
● What is throwing me 'off balance' in my life (one or more areas) ? 
● What might I release from my inner scales, which blocks my Heart from fully loving mySelf, others or Life in general? 
● What thoughts knock me off - Center?
● What activities help me re-Center back into Harmonious Thinking & Peace of Mind?

Tai Chi Class

Scorpio Lunar Journey 2024

How Do You Run Your Energy:
Managing Power & Mastering Resources
November 1 thru December 1, 2024

The 8th New Moon (in the 8th Sign) of the 2024-25 Zodiacal Year asks us to allow ourselves to take in the much needed emotional healing & support with the qualities of Water, honor our connections with our INNER SHAMAN, and deepen our understanding of those 'stuck places' within our emotional bodies, so that we may forgive, release and transmute our Past, in order to move on in our Evolutionary Journey, towards Freedom & EnLightenment.  We can do this with the help of the Celestial Archetype most concerned with the alchemical transmutation of our Consciousness, who assists us with clearing any long-standing resentments from the depths of our Soul, recognizing our deep & soulful connection to our own inner Shadow, prepares us for the acceptance of our Spirit as the Light of our innate Divinity, and frees us from the Past in order to live more fully in our True Power!

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with, 

from MoonCoach™  Silvia Pancaro for the Scorpio Lunar Moonth:

  • How do I charge mySelf up?
  • What is the strength of my electrical and  magnetic currents?
  • How a I managing my Energy (or leaking it)?
  • Is it time to 'detox' my Body, Soul, Mind from toxic energetic patterns?
  • What aspects of my Consciousness have I been afraid to acknowledge?
  • Whom or what do I need to forgive in order to free mySelf?

classic archery.jpg

Sagittarius Lunar Journey 2024

Your Mission & Purpose:
Consciously Directing Your Focus & Attention Towards the Right Target
December 1 thru 30, 2024

The 9h New Moon (in the 9th Sign) of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year

asks us to embrace the qualities of FIRE, question our beliefs, and expand our horizons, so that we may continue to be conscious agents of positive change in the healing (whole-making) of our Planet. Sagittarius is the Eternal Optimist of the Zodiac, looking forward with confidence to a better world, and it all starts with each of us, in-Vision-ing the most wondrous reality we can dream up! 

This Lunation is about amping up our volume, showing up with passion,

and blasting past our old familiar comfort zone.


Get out of the box! This moonth, QUESTION EVERYTHING, and do not negotiate with old and outworld beliefs that restrict your full-life-force energy! The wise Centaur, symbol of Sagittarius,  assists us this lunar moonth with our Life's Direction, leading us towards far horizons where we can enter the consciousness of Vision Quest-ing for our deepest spiritual and philosophical truths.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with,

from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Sagittarius Lunar Moonth:

  • What is my overall energetic vibration?
  • Am I an Optimist? 
  • Am I on the Happy/High Road?
  • If not, what will I do to shift into a new and more life affirming perspective?
  • What chunk of Wisdom can I share with Humanity?
  • How can I help expand Consciousness on Earth?
  • What have I come to teach?
  • Toward what lofty goal am I pointing my arrow?
Peering into the Woods

Capricorn Lunar Journey 2024

How Do You Manage Your TIME on Earth:
Creating a Legacy for the Future

December 30 thru January 29, 2025

The 10th New Moon (in the 10th Sign) of the astrological year asks us to... focus on Cosmic Sea-Goat, embrace the qualities of EARTH, get intimately acquainted with our Inner Wise Elder, embrace our Soul's true Calling, and consider how our actions (or lack of these) affect the next 7 generations, so that we may continue to be conscious agents of positive change in the healing (whole-making) of our Planet. 

This Lunation is about establishing our Legacy on Earth, and embracing our Wise Inner Elder as the best source of personal authority we can tap into, thereby 'authorizing' only the wisest choices from within.

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with, 

from MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Capricorn Lunar Moonth:

  • What legacy will I leave behind for the next 7 generations & beyond?

  • Am I taking personal responsibility (ability to respond) for my actions, in the greater scheme of things?

  • How connected am I to my Ancestors and the Legacy they left for me?

  • Am I loyally following my true Vocational Soul Calling?

  • Is the structure of my Life built on the good, strong, solid ground of my Soul?

  • What is my personal Mount Everest, and  am I moving towards its summit?

Model with Green Hair

Aquarius Lunar Journey 2025

What Role Do YOU Play In Evolution:
Bringing In Your Genius for the Good of All
January 29 thru February 27, 2025

The 11th New Moon of the astrological year asks us to consider what  freedom & independence really means to us individually & collectively. The invitation is for us to connect to our inner rebel, make connections with others to advance a collective vision, together envision the future,  and explore/expand the realm of Enlightented Mind and friendship.  We will work with the 11th Celestial Archetype,

AQUARIUS the Cosmic Chalice-Holder, symbol of the Collective Vision for an

Evolved Humanity, qualities of AIR sign, freedom, individual expression

within the group, astrology, all sciences, and the desire to bust the

status quo with new forward thinking ideas!


This is the astrological time of year to visualize Individuals within communities

that revel in their uniqueness, yet embrace diversity.


This moonth is all about the Collective Vision~ing for freedom and peace

amongst the colourful diversity that we all embody! 


Endeavour to take practical action towards Humanitarian goals.

We are all in this together, so let's make a difference!


Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal, from 

MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Aquarius Lunar Moonth:

  • What visions and dreams do I have for my future?

  • What long term vision inspires me to keep moving  forward into my Future?

  • What idealistic hopes do I wish to share with the World?

  • How well connected am I to allies that support a global vision for positive change

  • Do I have any great ideas or unusual inventions that would benefit the evolution of Humanity?

  • What can I do to heal the illusion of separation on Earth?

  • Can I find new ways of brainstorming with others to reach peaceful accord between all nations?

  • How can I become actively involved in bringing solutions to current global issues?

  • What is the greatest Vision I can imagine for mySelf, for my community, for the world? 

  • Am I surrounded by good friends? 

  • How clear am I in my ability to process higher mental concepts? 

  • Have I had a proper Astrology session lately? (The 11th  of the 12 Celestial Archetypes rules Astrology)?

  • Set your appointment today with MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro.

Diver on Beach

Pisces Lunar Journey 2025

February 27 thru March 29, 2025

We reach The End: Pisces is the actually the last of the 12 Celestial Archetypes, so it is the moonth associated with closure and returning to Source in order to renew our energy.  The 12th  and final New Moon of the       2024-2025 astrological year asks us to...clear our Consciousness by making room for the new, and this is THE month to do this work. Pisces represents the dissolution of everything, within the divine place of One-ness - a total surrender of identity and attachments, so that a Spiritual Communion may take place between YOU as the individual

and God/Dess/All That Is as the Divine Dreamer.



This is the 'implicate order' or the 'quantum soup' from which all manifestations arise...the Dreamworld from which we create our external reality. During this Lunar Journey, we will dive deeply into our personal Dreamworld, to be INSPIRED by the Soul's most precious Dreams.


Here we will use the power of Imagination to energize our goals.

This Lunar Journey asks you to turn off the rational mind, and allow yourSelf to be moved by Spirit into the direction of your Heart's deepest longing...

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with, 

from MoonCoach™ SilviaPancaro for the Pisces Lunar Moonth:

  • How can I 'empty my cup' of all that has transpired in the prior 12 Lunar Moonths, as I come to Completion in this final Moonth of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year? 

  • Am I ready to clear my Inner Space of all psychic debris? What is Spirit speaking directly into my Heart of Hearts? 

  • Have I implemented a regular practice wherein I commune with Spirit? 

  • Is my Soul ready to surrender in total Faith and Trust to the Divine Will?

  • Have I connected with my Inner Mystic? 

  • What is the quality of my relationship with God/Dess/Source? 

Aries Lunar Journey 2024

April 8 thru May 7, 2024

The 1st New Moon of the 2024-2025 Astro-Lunar Year asks us to celebrate a New Beginning thru the sign Aries, the Ram, the 1st of the 12, the Pioneering & Courageous Warrior leading us towards a conscious new Creation in our Lives!


Jump into the new lunar year with total trust and faith! Initiate a New Dream for the next 12 moonths!

Be the STAR of your own personal S/Hero’s Journey



Feel the fiery enthusiasm of Aries - imagine your Intentional Seeds being energetically quickened by Spirit,

as you synchronize with The Great Dreamer!

Feel your Creative Dreams being gently awakened

The Aries Moonth is all about getting your juices flowing, feeling fully alive & vital! Think of a toddler, fully innocent in her exploration of the world and of himSelf!

There's a feeling of wonder, awe & discovery

during this moonth pervading all Life

The Main theme of this Lunar Journey is IDENTITY...journeying upon this Quest to answer the Quest-Ion: WHO AM I?

Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder & journal with, 

from Silvia MoonCoach™ Pancaro

for the Aries Lunar Moonth:

  • What fires you up?
  • What motivates your creative juices?
  • What New Direction are you ready to move towards this year?
  • What new form of Creative Self-Expression are you ready to explore and play with now?
  • What Creative Dream in your Soul is ready to be Birthed into full expression in the 2024-25 AstroLunar Year?

Virgo Lunar Journey 2024

September 2 thru October 2, 2024

The 6th New Moon (in the 6th Sign) of the 2024-2025 Zodiacal Year

asks us to consider the practical steps we need to take to

improve our overall well-being.

THIS LUNATION FOCUSES ON HONORING THE MATERIAL REALM, especially your physical health & well-being, as well as developing

life-affirming daily habits,especially at work!

The Lunar Journey we will work on the desire to be of Service, to bring greater healing into the physical realm, being the conduit/channel/Vessel for the Divine, using the gifts of the Higher Mind in order to discern what works from what is ineffective, clearing the clutter from our spaces (inner & outer) and create a Sacred Space in which to daily commune with Source! 

Virgo accentuates the need to weed through our mental thought processes & daily habits, and clear away what is superfluous, unhealthy or outdated. This lunar moonth we would do well to look upon our outer space as well as within our inner temple, to do some 'clean-up' work. Discernment is a key word with this zodiacal sign, and therefore being honest with ourselves regarding what we need to let go of is important. As Virgo is traditionally ruled by the planet Mercury, we combine Virgo's need for cleanliness with Mercury's connection with the Mind & Thought to give us some guidance for this month: Check in on your self-talk cycle and catch yourself whenever you are speaking unloving or disempowering words to yourself. Cut it out. Create new affirmations that you repeat on a daily basis.


Moon~Coaching™ Questions to ponder, from  MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro for the Virgo Lunar Moonth:

  • How do I serve my community? 

  • What unselfish acts of service do I provide for others? 

  • Am I acting as a clear & conscious Vessel for Spirit to work through me?

  • Do I lovingly honor and respect my physical body as the Holy Grail and view it as the vessel through which my Spirit expresses? 

  • What practical steps might I take to improve my overall physical and mental health & well-being?


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