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Scorpio Lunar Journey
A guided group experience with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

Scorpio Lunar Journey 2022


Mars & Pluto 

Invite You to

Stand in Your Power!

Power and Mastery. Transformation. Alchemy.


Merging with Others. Resources. Hidden Treasure. X-Ray Vision. Unconscious motivations

(Desire vs F.E.A.R.). 

The Month of SCORPIO is presided over the planets, MARS & PLUTO, who invite us to ponder on the way we manage our Power & Resources. Mars is very 'YANG' motivational energy, urging us to go after what we want; Pluto is DEEP, mysterious and disturbs any in-authentic aspect of ourselves, requiring our negatively-polarized ego parts to relinquish control if we are to survive in a more spiritualized way. Both have much to do with Power and the management of our Power, or the mismanagement of it! Both also remind us that SEXUALITY is Sacred and therefore we might also look at this topic to ensure that we are honoring our sexuality for the tremendous CREATIVE POWER it represents (physically, energetically, metaphorically). It also relates to the metaphysical aspect of sexual energy, being KUNDALINI, and how we awaken to our true Spiritual Power. This energy aids us in finding anything that is still in the 'SHADOW' regions of our Consciousness, so that we may willingly root it out and bring it to the Light of Day, in order to heal it and be freed of its stranglehold on your ultimate enLightenment... and all this applies not only at the level of the Individual (YOU!), but also at the COLLECTIVE level - so we must do 'The Work' on ourselves, as we simultaneously do so with and for The Collective Human body.

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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