2020-2021 Year-Long Lunar Journey with All 13!

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Moon~Coaching™ ENTIRE 2020-2021 Moon + Tarot x YOU = Magick! LUNAR~JOURNEY™ Program (includes ALL 13 Lunar Journeys, from Aries through Pisces...we have 2 Cancer New Moons in 2020-2021 so that's 13 total!).


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Includes ALL 13 group guided Lunar Journeys (over the course of 1 solar year), downloadable copy of your Astrological chart with the New & Full Moon on a tri-wheel with the areas of activating notated on it (plus the related key words) for each of the Lunar Journeys, and 13 webinars (recorded at the New Moon), for each moonth.



The basic plan includes the above, and you'll be participating in all 13 groups as follows:

Customized guidance by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro, over the course of each of the 13 Lunar Journeys, prompted at the 8 moon phases of each Lunar Moonth, with a focus on ASTROLOGICAL themes throughout each astrological cycle beginning with the NEW MOON (= New Creative Beginning) on 3/24/20 and running through March 2021. 


Copyrighted material from the Moon~Coaching™ Playbook series, & Playshops.

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