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Gemini Lunar Journey: 2021

Gemini Lunar Journey: 2021


Moon~Coaching™ GEMINI 2020 Moon + Tarot x YOU = Magick! LUNAR JOURNEY:


The 3rd New Moon of the 2021-22 Zodiacal Year asks us to COMMUNICATE OUR IDEAS & DEVELOP COMMUNITY thru the astrological sign of the Celestial Twins, GEMINI teaching us to gather relevant information/data that supports our goals, and share with others in a mutually supportive manner. This is the prime time of the year for calling in our allies to further our goals, by brainstorming and seeding our ideas into the collective, via all possible channels of communication (internet, books, classes, newsletters, and good old fashioned word of mouth networking! Cast your seed into the collective net!


This lunar moonth is about considering how our Thoughts are supporting (or denying) our Creative Vision - as well as putting the "Word" out into our community, so that we may further express our Spirit and Soul's Intentions. What kind of energy are you putting out into the world by virtue of your Thoughts?


Remember: This is an AIR sign, and once you put something out, the Winds carry it forth into the World at large.


Includes the group guided GEMINI Lunar Journey, a downloadable copy of your Astrological chart with the New & Full Moon on a tri-wheel with the areas of activating notated on it (plus the related key words), and a webinar (recorded at the New Moon). 



EMAIL: Please send me your complete birth information to create your chart (


The basic plan includes the above, and you'll be participating in the group as follows:

Customized group guidance by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro, over the course the Gemini  Lunar Journey, prompted at the 8 moon phases of each Lunar Moonth, with a focus on ASTROLOGICAL themes throughout each astrological cycle beginning with the NEW MOON (= New Creative Beginning) on  6/10/21 thru 7/8/21.



Copyrighted material from the Moon~Coaching™ Playbook series, & Playshops.


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