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Taurus Lunar Journey: 2021

Taurus Lunar Journey: 2021


Moon~Coaching™ TAURUS 2020 Moon + Tarot x YOU = Magick! LUNAR JOURNEY:


The 2nd New Moon of the 2021-22 Zodiacal Year asks us to celebrate LIFE ON EARTH thru the sign TAURUS teaching us to patiently move towards our desired outcomes, through consistent & well planned actions based on the Values of our Soul.

THIS LUNATION IS a cosmic invitation to get grounded in the qualities of Earth, honor our connections to Nature, and deepen our self-esteem & therefore get clear on our relationship with money, matter & all things material. We'll do this through the Celestial Bull - the sensual Earth-lover, grounding us deeply into a conscious connection with our innate talents & abilities in order to truly flow the blessings of Abundance in our lives! The infamous Law of Attraction is strongest at this point in the cycle. You are the Architect & Designer of your Life!



Money, Body, Earth, Business and all things 3D

This Taurus new moonth is about being the architect of our dreams and building our lives on a strong foundation, therefore grounding our goals into the earthly reality and manifesting all that we deserve, based on our own self-worth! Taurus is the builder of the Zodiac, reminding us to be as the Earth herself: Connect to our inner natural rhythms, be mindful of our physical needs, respect our own gifts & talents, and embrace ourselves gratefully for what we have to share. Valuing our Selves and recognizing our innate Beauty acts as the ‘attracting principle’ (i.e.Law of Attraction) for all that brings us personal fulfillment!


Includes the group guided Lunar Journey, a downloadable copy of your Astrological chart with the New & Full Moon on a tri-wheel with the areas of activating notated on it (plus the related key words), and a webinar (recorded at the New Moon).


EMAIL: Please send me your complete birth information to create your chart (


The basic plan includes the above, and you'll be participating in the group as follows:

Customized group guidance by MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro, over the course this (Taurus) Lunar Journey, prompted at the 8 moon phases of the Taurus Lunar Moonth, with a focus on ASTROLOGICAL themes throughout each astrological cycle beginning with the NEW MOON (= New Creative Beginning) on 5/11/2021 through 6/10/2021.




Copyrighted material from the Moon~Coaching™ Playbook series, & Playshops.


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